Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Building your 72 hour kits...ready, set, go! PLUS what is an ICE box?

I created this blog 7 years ago to help friends, family and neighbors get and stay prepared...plus help me keep on top of it as well. I KNOW it is overwhelming! I feel it almost every day....72 hour kits, food storage, emergency money, emergency documents, fire and evacuation drills, water storage....it is a lot to take in. But life is like that every day...until we break it down into little steps to help us accomplish the big tasks. If you asked me what I think is the most important place to start I would say 72 hour kits and then water storage. But it is all possible if you prioritize your time and money a bit at a time.

If you are just beginning to create a 72 hour kit, you will find all of the links on the right hand side of this blog. Each link will connect you to ideas to build your own kit. Try to break it down to get something new, or with each paycheck. Set aside a little bit of money for emergency preparedness items.

If there is something else you are ready to begin like water storage, food storage, pandemic preparedness, type it in the search box and it will direct you to more information. I started this back in the pre-5 kids days and time is not as plentiful for me to retype all of this info:) It should all be here and current...except for grocery deals I used to post.

My favorite resource www.dealstomeals.blogspot.com. She has some great free printables to help you keep track of your food storage and figure out what you need. Also provides great recipes.

As for the ICE box...this is new to me. It was something I became acquainted with this month and see its importance....

....a box that has all of our important documents ready to take "In Case of an Emergency". It is a lot of info, so I will try to simplify it in the next few months. This month focus on creating emergency contact information. You can keep it in a file box, small safe, or a bag or folder for now...just start collecting. For the entire presentation contact Bro. Kretzschmann and he can send it via email. kretzschmann@yahoo.com.

Type a list of : Emergency contacts...fire department, poison control, etc
                         Critical contacts...Insurance company, Hospitals, School, etc
                         Phone #'s that are on your cell phone ...if your cell was lost,                        stolen or damaged, would you have the #'s elsewhere?
                          Addresses...make a copy of your address book. Make a list of any emergency meeting places, family, friends, doctors office, etc.