Saturday, May 2, 2009

72 Hr Kit item this Week

The past 2 weeks at CERT training we have been learning first aid. I think a first aid kit should be the next on our list to add. This is also a personal item to do simple or elaborate.

I started with a basic First Aid kit that you can get from Walmart or Emergency Essentials from $5- $10. I put it in a small backpack and gradually add things that I think would be important. Buy one of these kits for your car as well!
-medications for family members
-infant and child tylenol
-hand/toe warmers

Since taking CERT I have learned how to bandage and splint and I have added more guaze wraps, sterile bandages, splinting material, rubber gloves, plastic bag, cardboard, a pocket knife and more as I learn.

You can buy really big kits for up to $100 or more BUT it is pointless if you don't know how to use the material. I feel more confident in my skills in an emergency since taking CERT. I think it is useful even if there wasn't a large disaster. I know one of these days my kids are going to come to me bleeding or with a bent arm and I will know how to handle it.

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