Saturday, May 30, 2009

72 HR Item

This week add a change of clothing to each members pack. I know what a pain this is if you have kids and they grow overnight,and it gets expensive. But like other items in your kits, like food, it should be rotated every 6 mths to a year. It is best to have something for warm weather and cold. I have to keep in mind extreme Utah temperatures-you don't want to freeze or overheat.

All I did was go through my kids closets and look for come clothes they don't wear that often or at all. Don't forget socks, and underwear as well. I found an extra pair of shoes for each child at the thrift store for $3 each. I bought 1 size bigger than they are now. My baby was the easiest since she has so many hand me downs from her sister and cousins:) It annoys me that the kids clothes don't match or look that great, but it is an emergency not a fashion show!

For me, I put in a pair of old scrubs---that way I can adjust them if I am pregnant.

This is essential since you may only have time to grab your bags and evacuate. If you are in your pj's and barefoot, you may have a problem.


  1. We just buy sweats, a size bigger than where there at currently, for everyone. We rotate our clothes (for the kids, not us) every April conference. We chose sweats because they're good for the winter, but for the summer we can just cut them into shorts and t-shirts and be okay. Just worked better for me...cut down on the amount of clothes each person needed. :-)

  2. I personally don't even own a pair of sweat pants, since I am always hot:) This is a great idea---I bought some scissors at harbor freight for $3 that can cut through a penny that would be great to go in the kit for that purpose as well.