Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breakfast for 72 hrs

Anyway, when it comes to food for you kits it is completely up to what your family prefers and what you can carry. I actually exchanged a lot of stuff a few months ago because I realized the weight of the packs would be too much for my kids and for me since I was carrying the bulk of the stuff. I also has stuff that I wondered if my kids would eat. I don't want to chance that in emergency. I went for lightweight, tasty and familiar food.

Here are some ideas: Granola bars, cereal bars, box cereals(serving size) ,instant oatmeal+ water, freeze dried foods + water, trail mix, pop tarts, dried fruit, fruit cups, oatmeal to go, fruit leather, Energy bars.

Keep in mind if you choose things such as freeze dried breakfasts, instant oatmeal, you will need to include the water and any dishes and cooking equipment needed. I had these previously and it weighed down my pack quite a bit. Can fruits will also be heavier. If you have those mini cereal boxes you may decide if you need milk to go with it and will need a instant milk pack plus water as well. I assumed that in a disaster I will be stressed and my children will be scared. I want the flexibility to reach into my pack and grab their breakfast instead of setting up a hot plate, waiting for it to boil and making a freeze dried meal that was foreign to them. I have a hard enough time cooking dinner now without them getting impatient and cranky:) Here is my breakfast plan if it gives you ideas:

Breakfast: Day one: Granola bar with fruit leather -both can be found at Walmart. Granola bars average $3 a box. Fruit leathers are $3 a box as well an found by fruit snacks.I get the big box at Costco which has all flavors. Approximately $6 to feed my family of 5 for breakfast. I also put in a extra granola bar for my husband since it will take more to fill him. Day 2: Energy Bar and Applesauce cup -I bought this meal bar at Emergency Essentials for $1. I have seen bars similar to this as well in the grocery stores. They have a selection of different flavors and provide all of the calories you need for a meal. Applesauce cups are $2 for 6 cups. It cost $7 for my family of 5 for this breakfast.

Day 3:Oatmeal-to-Go and Dried fruit

-I bought both of these at Walmart. The oatmeal-to-go has tons of fiber and a lot easier and less mess than cooking instant oatmeal. They are also very filling. They cost about $3-$4 for 6. The dried fruit comes in a box of 12 for $3, so I had extra for other meals as well. Cost $7 for my family of 5.

*I use these items for lunch ideas as well, because they are so convenient and lightweight. You will spend less of course if you are only doing a kit for 1. You could buy a pack of granola bars and use it for all 3 days instead of buying these other food items. If your kids won't eat these foods then try one of the other options. It is important they eat these foods not only too avoid pickiness in a disaster, but in a year you need to rotate these foods. After 1 year these were still in good condition and we rotated them with new ones and put the old stuff in the "snack drawer" that the kids can pick from once a day.

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