Friday, March 27, 2009

Lunch for 72 hrs

You can use a lot of the breakfast ideas for your lunch meals as well. Go for lightweight, tasty, convenient and familiar food. It is not as important to have balanced meals as it is to have high calories and nutrition. When it comes to food for your kits it is completely up to what your family prefers and what you can carry. Here are some ideas: -Granola bars, cereal bars, pop tarts, dried fruit , fruit cups, oatmeal to go, fruit leather, Energy bars , cup of noodles+ water+ cooking equipment+ utensils , tuna fish, tuna to go pack , pb and jam sandwich, instant soups+ water+ cooking equipment, vienna sausages ,MRE (meals ready to eat) found at Emergency Essentials ,freeze dried meals+ water+ cooking equipment+ dishes. Keep in mind if you choose things such as freeze dried meals, you will need to include the water and any dishes and cooking equipment needed. I had these previously and it weighed down my pack quite a bit. I had MRE'S(meals ready to eat) in my pack when I was married and it was fine just for me, but having 3 kids with those meals weighed more than I could carry. Also MRE's really gross me out personally and I am pretty sure my kids wouldn't go for chicken in a pouch. Canned items are really convenient but it adds up quickly. It was determined that if you used canned foods for your kit for 2 people it would be 55 lbs. I have to carry the bulk of the weight for 5 people, so I eliminated all cans from my pack. Water is essential and heavy, so you need to plan on the bulk of the weight for the water. Here is my lunch plan if it gives you ideas: Day 1:

Energy Bar and Applesauce cup-Energy bars can be found at Emergency Essentials for $1 or in the nutrition aisles of most grocery stores. Applesauce cups are sold in packs of 6 for $2.

Day 2:

Peanut Butter and jam sandwich with dry fruit-These slices of bread are typically sold with MRE packs but can be bought at Emergency Essentials for less than $1. They last for about 5 years. The peanut butter and jam packs are less than $.50 a pack. I bought a 24 pack of dried fruit at Costco for $13, but they are found at most grocery stores individually for about $1.

Day 3:

Poptart and fruit leather- Poptarts can be found at most grocery stores for about $2 for a 4 pack. To avoid crushing put it a tupperware. All a dollar has a 2 pack of tupperware for $1. Fruit leathers are found at Costco, or sold by the fruit snacks at Walmart for $3.

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  1. That's some wise advice. We have a lot of people ordering MREs from us without *trying* them. They're pretty horrible.

    They're made for soldiers who may only get one meal-a-day, and are made to survive on, not thrive on.

    Your solution is *much* more practical!