Saturday, June 13, 2009

What about the kids?

Well for those of you who have kids, and not pets, maybe we should figure out what they need. They need something to keep their mind off of the disaster around them. I know there are some that say in an emergency the kids will learn to deal with it. Who says they will though? In CERT training the last class is learning how to help the victims, witnesses as well as the rescuers after a disaster. We take care of them physically with food, water and clothing, but emotionally they will be going through a lot. This is one reason why it is suggested to have soft blanket in their kit as well.

Think of entertainment. You need a way to keep their mind off of what may be going on around them. In my kids packs I put in a coloring book, colored pencils, picture book, bag of marbles, a Polly Pocket, action figure, etc. You don't have to pack up the play room- just a couple items that they enjoy. I also included a small sandwich bag with hard candies, chewing gum, and some snacks like fruit snacks, granola bars,cheese and cracker pack, etc. This is seperate from my 72 hours meals and intended to be comfort food if we had to evacuate.

In an adult pack you can pack a notebook and pen, book, etc. You may want to journal the events around you to remember later, pass time at an evacuation center or to keep your mind busy. Grown adults can suffer from emotional trauma after an event and it is important to take care of yourself.

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