Saturday, June 6, 2009

What about Tito?

Do you have a 72 hr kit for your pets?
In a disaster you might not think of anything but making sure you and your children are safe. If you are a pet owner though, most of you consider your pets as a member of your family. As for me, if I had to choose between my child and my Chihuahua, there is no contest. But...if I could do both I will certainly try to do my best for my dog's safety as well.
As for the tadpole, turtle, and snails-they can fend for themselves:)

This is Tito (named after the Chihuahua on Oliver and Company:)

I figured out how much he eats and drinks each day and put in enough for 3 days. Luckily my little guy doesn't have much to store:) A disaster may be stressful for a pet as well, so a bone or a favorite toy would be good to calm him.

- It is also recomended to have a pet carrying case so it will have shelter if you needed to evacuate. Pets will not be allowed inside a evacuation shelter. You may even have a small tent for your pet to put outside of the shelter. As for my 7 lb dog, I have a box with a soft blanket and a rope.
-Apparently they have backpacks specifically for dogs to carry their own stuff-Mostly for medium and larger dogs--Tito would fall over:) The design doesn't look too complicated, so I am sure you could even save money and create something on your own. I just carry Tito's supplies in my bag.
-Small plastic bags are good for picking up after any waste.
-An emergency blanket may also be a good idea---those silver ones.
-It all depends on what kind of pet owner you are now. If you dress up your dog and it sleeps with you each night then you may want to include his favorite sweater and a pillow:)
-Others may think the last thing on your mind will be your pet. Keep in mind, if you are at home and living off of your storage, will you be sharing your food with your dog or starving him.... Eating your food storage will most likely make him sick, but it will also take valuable resources meant for your family. Buy an extra bag of food next time, so you can feel confident you have 72 hours of food for him as well as a longer term supply.

On they advise a plan:
Consider family or friends willing to take in you and your pets in an emergency. Other options may include: a hotel or motel that takes pets or a boarding facility, such as a kennel or veterinary hosp ital that is near an evacuation facility or your family 's meeting place. Find out before an emergency happens if any of these facilities in your area might be viable options for you and your pets.
Develop a buddy system. Plan with neighbors, friends or relatives to make sure that someone is available to care for or evacuate your pets if you are unable to do so. Talk with your pet care buddy about your evacuation plans and show them where you keep your pet's emergency supply kit. Also designate specific locations,one in your immediate neighborhood and another farther away, where you will meet in an emergency

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  1. My husband always says that they're extra food storage. I think he's joking...I hope. :)