Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I know that I have not posted for a week now and I feel bad for anybody who may have been waiting for some more info. I mentioned before that things were going to get crazy around here and that time has begun. I am packing like crazy right now, and dealing with morning sickness and 3 little ones running around. Topped off with my husband having surgery tomorrow and my 4 year olds shark birthday party to pull off next week. I volunteered at my daughters school twice next week before I knew all of this was going on. So, I figured anyone reading this blog would survive without my input:)

Since I don't know when or if I am going to get back on track I will direct you to other blogs that basically I get my info from anyways.

My favorite blog to get all of the great deals locally, plus some great menu ideas is You can try it out for free for 2 weeks as well, and then it cost $4.95 each month. Which is what most of us waste just walking into Walmart:) There is also a blog www. for more great info. She also has a website that gives you great tips, ideas and recipes for food storage. She really is a food storage genius and has recently been on local news stations.

Also a great site to prepare for emergencies, get food storage recipes, and get your 72 hr kits and car kits put together is It has links to the side, as well as mine, that will help you know what items to gather each week in your kits. I wanted to start on the car kits next and they have already done that on their site as well. I will keep my blog up and running and add things once in awhile when things come up, but as for now these resources are the very best. Good luck!!!!

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