Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simplest way

I will add a list of everything to put in your 72 hr kits soon. It's been a long day:)
I wanted to tell you about a great thing to put in your 72 hr kits, and in your cars. At stores such as Emergency Essentials there are 3600 calorie bars. They have several different kinds and are about $6. They also let you sample them at emergency essentials. If you were in an emergency you would be able to survive on these bars for 3 days. 3 squares a day will give you all of the calories you will need to survive. I have one of these in my car, but chose to not use them in my 72 hr kits just because I wanted to find a more variety of things for my children to eat each day that they were used to.

If you choose to not get them for your 72 hr kit(I will have more options for food on a later post) I would recommend them for your cars.

They are a bit crumbly and have a powdery texture and taste like a pecan sandy cookie.For a sample you can go to Emergency Essentials in South Jordan 968 W. South Jordan Parkway (10600 s.)

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