Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I know it seems like I have forgotten about the blog, but I am just trying to get everyone on board first. Our neighborhood consists of 200 homes and I am gradually getting our info out. There is a survey link to the right that we need all of our neighbors to fill out and give back to me.

Who has their tax return back? Out of the chunk of money we got back, I was able to take $200 and get a good amount of food storage to add to my supply. I tried to get more out of my hubby, but alas I was grateful for this:) It is important to set aside money for a cash reserve as well as a little out of each paycheck to get supplies. I take at least $20 every 2 weeks from our one income family paycheck and I don't even notice it. But it greatly increases my storage. Some will have more or less to spend, but it is something. I don't really believe that getting one can every time you go to the store is going to build th esupply you need. If that is all you can do for now, than it is great. Think about what amount of money you can actually set aside specifically for preparedness. THEN when good sales come you stock up on that. You can get twice as much for your money.I will let you know when some of those awesome deals come each week as well. I will blog soon about how to get started and figure out what and how much you need to buy for your family.

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