Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pandemic update and Deals

Last info I sent out was the basics of Swine flu, but this is the "now what do I do?" portion:)

Keep Healthy-build your immune system up with vitamins, proper diet and exercise

-Avoid unecessary traveling

-wash hands for at least 20 seconds as often as you can; between taking care of kids, driving, grocery store, bathroom, yard work, there are countless ways we can be spreading germs *Carry hand sanitizers for trips to the store, park or playland

*Take advantage of the bleach wipes offered at most grocery stores for carts

*Be extra aware of childrens washing habits since they tend to be in more messy situations and wash less often and not as thorough

Get your 3 mth Supply of Food Storage

-This isn't new information of course. If there was a major pandemic alert, we would be required to stay in our home for approximately 3 mths. This means no trips to the store and relying completely on your food storage. In a major pandemic there may not even be a lot of stores open as well due to lack of employees and necessity.

-This should include all of the non food items as well that you use every day such as soap, deodorant,kitchen supplies, cleaning items, diapers, etc

*I have posted on our blog ideas to help you get started

Build up Your Water Supply

-From what I have been told our water supply shouldn't be contaminated with bird or swine flu. BUT in a major pandemic millions will die and the chances are many of these people could be those maintaining our utilities. I didn't even think about that sad truth until I talked with Chris from For the same reason, prepare to be without electricity.

- For those of you who are patiently awaiting your 55 gallon water containers that I was arranging... I contacted the source and she said her company has slowed down production drastically on these containers that she is not able to reach our goal. Technically she told me she could obtain 100 barrels in a few months time and I have received none.

So here are some options that I have found on KSL:

- Blue 55 gallon in West Jordan $20 Previously held food sauce

- White 55 gallon in Salt Lake $10 Previously held non toxic chemicals

- Blue 55 gallon in Riverton $20 Food grade barrels

- White 55 gallon in Provo $15 pickup $18 delivery Previously held juice

I recently talked with a man who sells both white and blue barrels and learned that the U of U has done a study with these barrels to test for algae. They showed that even after 7 years these barrels, even uncovered white ones, did not have a problem. It is recomended that you empty them for the best taste and quality before 5 years though. He also keeps his outside surrounded by wood boards to keep from sun and leaves a 6 inch gap to allow for freezing. He sells his barrels white or blue for $25 and delivers to the area. I can give you his email if you are interested. He recently sold us the Life caps and delivered them personally to my home 12 hours after I placed my order!

* I will be getting your money back to you of course that you have paid for the other barrels:) I am letting you all take over from here to avoid any more money and pickup confusion.

I am on a list for free barrels from Coca Cola but I can't rely on that- it could be months...

Work place-Ask your employer how your company would function in a pandemic situation. Some jobs will have to continue, but will do so with the least amount of social contact with others as possible, wearing protective clothing.

Plant a Garden-We rely on our food storage to eat during this time, but my family would miss fresh vegetables. Plant now to avoid buying vegetables that have been handled by others at the grocery stores and shipped from all over the world.

-Your garden can be used for fresh veggies now as well as canning for your food storage. We will be posting about gardens and canning how-to's on our blog.

-If you were quarantined to your home for 3 mths this would also include your backyard, as long as you were at least 20 ft away from any neighbor who may want to chat, you can enjoy being outside.

Pandemic Supply list

N95 Masks- these are said to filter 95% of airborne particles. You would need these if the flu continues to spread and may be needed to wear in public areas. If major pandemic occurs they would be mandatory. If you are isolated in your home for 3 mths and a family member gets sick, you would not be able to enter the room without this as part of your gear. I will be taking orders for these masks next week in a bulk order.

Sterile gloves-used for same purposes and can also be purchased in bulk through me. Money will be due June 1st- more info to come.

Antibacterial soap- obtain a 3 mth supply or more

Hand Sanitizer- Dollar Tree had a great supply of scents and sizes. Pack the mini ones in your diaper bag, purse or childs backpack for now. I keep it on the counter since I know my 3 year old is not the best hand washer but loves to rub on sanitizer. I figure with both he may actually get clean:)

Bleach- Pandemic or not, bleach is essential in your supply for cleaning as well as purifying water. I am also a huge fan of bleach wipes.

Toilet Paper- I have a handout that says to have 100 rolls per person, but I can't imagine needing that much! Estimate how much your family uses in at least 3 months, keeping sickness in mind... Toilet paper is on sell this week at Peterson's:) 4-pack Western Family for $.78. Albertsons has a pack of 12 double roll Charmin tp for $4.88 with in-ad coupon

Paper Towells- for clean ups that can be easily disposed of easily.On sale for $.50 at Petersons this week

Large trash bags- use for all trash and possible contaminated materials as well.

Provisional Toilet- No utiliites, no water, no toilet. Use a 5 gallon bucket and 13 gallon bags13 gallon kitchen bags-use for contaminated trash as well as provisional toilet.

Large trash bags- use for trash and contaminated materials as well.

Dish soap- wash dishes by hand...

Provisional Washer- You may need to wash your laundry by hand and have soap, clothesline and clothespins as well.

If a family member becomes sick, they must be isolated--preferably in a room adjoined to a bathroom.They say that no one should be in contact with this individual, but if it is your child in there you will find a way to take care of them. Take precautions and use the following items as well as the gloves and masks mentioned earlier.

-Duct tape-100' roll of clear 4 mil plastic

-safety glasses

-disposable surgical gown or Tyvek suit--I don't know where to find these yet, but the suit is apparently at painting stores. You would need to cover yourself before entering room and undress in a particular order as well to avoid contamination.

*If you want a list on how to create a isolation room and how to properly care for a person safely, please email me for a copy of the Pandemic packet. A information packet was given to me by Riverton City and is toolengthy to make copies for everyone or to list everything online.

I realize some of these ideas may seem extreme...keep in mind,

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark".

We have a great opportunity here to prepare for any disaster that may occur. This pandemic could just be a scare and go away, or it could put our families in jeopardy.As of now the total confirmed cases has gone from 1 to 63 in Utah, in less than 10 days.It can't hurt to use this opportunity to prepare now as if a major pandemic was approaching. For updates on the pandemic and tips continue to watch our blog as well as the Center for Disease Control.

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