Tuesday, May 19, 2009

French Bread

I found this great recipe on deals to meals blog and haven't tried it until now. It looked and tasted awesome. It makes 3 loaves so I decided to try cooking one in the barbeque to simulate being without power. I struggle making bread in a regular oven, so I didn't have much confidence. I bought this bread dutch oven pan and decided today was the day to try it. I just put in the dough, let it rise for 20 minutes. I turned one side of the bbq on low-med and let it heat up. Then I put my bread in and watched it closely. In approx 25 minutes it was done. Of course the bbq only has heat on the bottom so I was worried that it would burn on the bottom and be doughy on top and middle. It was light on top but it was cooked. The bottom was a nice golden brown. I was so proud! I used the propane this time but next time will rely on the charcoal for heat just in case I was to run out of propane.

French Bread
2 1/2 c. warm water
2 T. yeast
3 T. sugar
2 T. white vinegar
Add these ingredients together and let sit until bubbly
1 T. salt
1/3 c. oil (anykind will do)
6 c. flour (or a little more if it's too soft)

Knead for 2-5 minutes and then put in the oven with a small pot of boiling water. The water will keep the dough moist. Watch the dough and punch it down when it gets to the top of the mixing bowl. Do this every time it gets to the top of the bowl, as long as you have time to babysit it (2-5 times). Put the dough on a greased countertop and divide into 3 sections. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and sprinkle a thin layer of cornmeal on the bottom of the sheet. Roll the dough balls into rectangle/long French bread shapes. Slash tops of bread diagonally 3-5 times and cover with a beaten egg. Let rise 30 minutes (or until doubled). Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

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