Friday, May 22, 2009

Water storage idea

You may have seen those individual drink mixes that you can just pour into water bottles. It is convenient and will make your water taste good, even if it has been stored for a few years. I jsut went to Smiths down the street and they had Koolaid pack of 12 packets for .99. This is a great deal---I have been keeping my eyes open for a good deal and these are usually $3-$4. They have 4 different flavors. The sale is probably going until next Wednesday if you are interested. I put a bunch of them in the backpack that carries my 72 hr water bottles.

If you have 55 gallon water containers, I hope you also bought a siphon. I bought a siphon last year, but hadn't gotten around to trying it out. I was anxious how it would work, so while I was outside next to a 55 gallon barrel of cleaning water I decided to test it out. I just filled it up last week and forgot that it should have 6 inches in the top for freezing space. I was surprised at how easy it was, and actually kind of fun. So of course the kids wanted to try it out:) You simply put the stick like part in the barrel, secure the lid, and pump at the top. You get tons of water out the "straw" on the other side.

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