Monday, June 15, 2009

Declared a Global Pandemic...

In the World news...The World Health Organization declared Swine flu a global pandemic on June 11th. The first in 41 years, so I guess we are making history. Read more on MSNBC. Yes, it is considered mild and not deadly at this time but considered unstoppable to prevent spreading. We are advised to be vigilant for the next year or more as some may expect a 2nd and more deadly wave of the sickness.

Our State...Out of 50 states, Utah is number 8 on the list of having the most cases--688 cases. Wisconsin being number 1.

Even more local... I went to the doctor this morning at 11 am for back problems and my doctor told me he already had 2 positive cases that morning. 24 confirmed last week in his office alone. 4 out of his 6 children have already had it. My neighbor down the street has it. Since a student at my daughters preschool was diagnosed, he advised it wasn't worth going the last week and risk her getting sick. It is not deadly at this point but is certainly not pleasant to have. Watch for fever, runny nose, cough, basically flu-like symptoms. I am not in panic mode but have reached the mode that my kids will take a break from McDonalds play land:)

I thought this article entitled "Why is Swine Flu such a Big deal" was informative as well.

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