Saturday, August 1, 2009

72 hour idea

First off I wanted to remind all of those locally that CERT training is beginning again September 10th---every wednesday for 7 weeks. Register at and to get more info. It is great for you as an individual, keep your family safe or to help in your community. Even if we never have a natural disaster, it is skills I will use with my own family. Having little kids means that one or another will need my medical attention at one point. Really I feel like it is something I should keep taking so I can keep it all fresh.I told my husband that he would be on the list for the next class, but the poor guy is getting his tonsils out in September and would miss too much class---there will be more classes after this one though that I will jump on.

This week you can add something personal for your needs that maybe I haven't mentioned but is vital for your pack, maybe add some cash, or catch up on some of the other items. I got an email from Darla about another idea for 72 hour food that I thought you might be interested in. I am not sure my little ones would be able to carry it if it had cans of soup but you could substitute any of these ideas for items your family prefers. You could also fit the bucket in a backpack to keep your arms open or a yoke of some sort to carry two around your shoulders.

I think about going to the grocery store the other day and my daughter wanted to bring her little purse, but five minutes into it she was tired of holding it. So in my particular family, I hold the bulk of the items in a rolling suitcase and they have backpacks with their extra clothing, entertainment, snacks and hygiene needs that they carry.

I just like the way it is broke down and seems pretty simple to do--so whether you put it in ice cream buckets stacked in your closet or in a backpack, or duffle bag, or cardboard box, just make sure you get enough food for your family!

72 Hour Emergency Kit List
Fits in Ice Cream Bucket

List of Food for 3 Days:
1 small can apple juice
2 foil juice packets (Capri Sun)
1 piece beef jerky
1 package Trail mix
2 chocolate-covered granola bars
1 package fruit snacks
2 packages crackers
2 packages cheese and crackers or sticks
3 cans of soup (ready to eat)
or 2 cans of soup and 1 can of Vienna Sausages
3 packages raisins
1 package gum
6 pieces of hard candy
2 boxes Hershey's chocolate-flavored drink
1 can snack-pack fruit
2 breakfast granola bars
3 spoons
napkins (As many as you can fit)
3 foil packets of water (I really worry that this might not be enough water --although it is the minimum amount is has been said that in emergencies people want to drink more---plus keep in mind beef jerky will make you pretty thirsty. Things like juice and chocolate milk will hydrate you as well, but for me personally it makes me more thirsty becasue of the sweetness. Remember that it isn't how much water should you carry but how much can you carry--more is always better, but don't make it impossible to carry.

What to Eat:

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 box Hershey's chocolate drink, 1 breakfast granola bar
Lunch: 1 chocolate granola bar, 1 fruit snack
Dinner: 1 can soup, 1 package crackers
Snacks: 1 package raisins, 2 pieces hard candy, 1 stick gum
1 cheese and crackers and 1 foil packet of water

Day 2
Breakfast: 1 small can apple juice, 1 package trail mix
Lunch: 1 granola bar, 1 foil packet juice
Dinner: 1 can soup or Vienna Sausage, 1 snack-pack fruit
Snacks: 1 package raisins, 2 pieces hard candy,1 stick gum,
1 foil packet of water

Day 3
Breakfast: 1 box Hershey's chocolate drink, 1 breakfast granola bar
Lunch: Beef Jerky, 1 foil packet of juice
Dinner: 1 can soup, 1 package crackers
Snacks: 1 package raisins, 2 pieces hard candy,
1 stick gum, 1 cheese & crackers
1 foil packet of water.

This kit is "ready to eat" and requires no extra water or heat source.

Place a copy of this list inside the top of the bucket so you know what to eat and be sure to stick to the daily intake so as not to run out before the 72 hours is up.

Meds should also be placed in zip lock bag and crammed in cracks between food. (Adults Only)

Put date assembled on side of bucket and change out perishables every 6 months.

Keep by the door to grab in case of emergency. Easy for children to carry

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