Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thursdays deals

Maceys is still having their case lot and emergency prep sale this week. So look at last weeks post here for those great deals that are good for one more week.

Also Smiths is having an amazing deal on American Beauty pasta this week. Usually it is a great deal when it is $1 for a 16 oz bag. But if you buy 10 bags they are only .50 each!!! You need 25 lbs of grains per person for a month of food storage. Look here for more suggested amounts.If you eat a lot of pasta this would be as low as you will see it for a very long time. They have a big variety as well. I keep my pasta in those rubbermaid totes and stack them in my storage room. Pasta is good for 2 years and can be easily rotated. Just make sure you date them. I have my kids put labels with the dates on them to keep track, or when they are feeling less helpful:) I use the magic marker.

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