Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food Storage for 3mth supply

There aren't any amazing long term food storage deals at the stores this week. There are good deals on food like milk and cheese and meat. This would be part of your 3 mth supply.

I like to buy cheese and milk on good deals and freeze it since we go through it so fast here. You can basically freeze anything, although I have never tried eggs:) It grossed me out when I was a kid and my mom froze everything but really it is nice to know that when I run out of something I have a supply in my freezer.
-You can get milk for $1.50 this week at Smiths---Pour a little out so it has room to expand in the freezer.
-Cheese is $3.99 for 2 lbs this week at Maceys (you can also ad match at walmart)With the cheese I grate it and put in freeezer bags. Cheese can get really expensive so it is great to stock up when you get it cheap. If you freeze it in the block it has to defrost competely in the fridge and it will not crumble. It tastes and has the same texture as before!

It is a good idea to have a good suppply of meat in your freezer as well. It saves in the end when you buy it at a great price and get extra for other meals. -lean ground beef at Albertsons for $1.99
-Alberstsons has a lot of meat choices for $1.88 that is a great deal to stock up on: boneless pork loin chops/roast, beef roast, boneless chicken breasts, pork country style ribs.

If you need ideas on great meals check out She takes all of the sales for this week and turns them into meals. I have tried 3 new meals from last week and they were awesome- carne asada tacos and tonight a mock Kneaders turkey avocado sandwich. Sometimes I don't buy the meat on good deals because I am not sure what I can make with it, so this adds some variety to our menu.

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