Friday, March 6, 2009

Life Caps and Toilets

These two topics don't go together except for the fact they are both useful in your 72 hr kit:)

I mentioned in my first container post that it is important for each family to have at least one 5-gallon bucket in their 72 hr supply. It can be used to hold your 72 hr kit supplies for now and also can be used for a toilet in an emergency. A bucket can be transformed by simply putting a garbage bag inside and securing it with a large rubberband. There is a also a enzyme you can buy that breaks up waste and helps eliminate odor. The tiny bag of enzymes is $1.50.

These buckets are at a great price at Macey's right now for $3.99 including the lid. These buckets are also perfect for holding food storage. A bucket can hold a 25 lb bag of flour, sugar, wheat, etc. and keep it protected from moisture, rodents and and gettign stale. A toilet can be found at Emergency Essentials for $17 as well and it comes with the toilet seat, enzyme packet, and a 5 gallon bucket. It is $10 more but would be worth it if you used it for other purposes such as camping, hunting trips, etc.

I also wanted to mention a product I ran into recently. Another alternate to food in your 72 hr kit are "Lifecaps".
It is a pill that you take for each meal and it provides the same nutrients to keep your body satisfied for up to 10 days. It must be taken with your emergency water for survival. It can be swallowed or chewed and can be for adults or children. It states that it can eliminate hunger pains within 20minutes. I think these would be great in car kits in case of emergency as well as 72 hr kits becasue they are light and easy to store. I plan on getting a 72 hr supply for all members of my family to add to their current 72 hr kit. 72 hrs is just an estimate between the time the disaster strikes and when Red cross can establish help and resources. There is no guarantee it won't be longer, so I figure if we run out of food after 3 days we will still have another 3 days of nutrients to keep my family satisfied.It is all natural. Packing more food is also an option, but my bags are already pretty heavy. Check out the site if you are interested. There is a short clip from Good Things Utah about it. They are typically sold for $1 a pill and can be sold in 72 hr packs for $10, or a container of 30 for $30. Right now the small packs are $6 at Maceys. You can get a raincheck for later if they are out. Deseret book also sells them for $10. If there is a big interest I am able to order a large quantity of the bottles online for $15 each(for 30 pills).

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  1. I am a true supporter of Life Caps. I think every family should have at least one bottle to supplement their food storage in case of an emergency. I found a coupon code (GO CAPS) that allows you to purchase a bottle for only $19.95 which is 33% off of retail. Just go to and enter the code when ordering. The discount is good on all of their products.