Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deals this Week

There aren't any great food storage deals this week. But there is great deals on laundry detergent. Imagine not being able to leave your home for 3 mths. You have electricity to wash your laundry BUT do you have everything you need for it? You should have a supply of items such as laundry and dishwasher detergent(or soap for those amazing people who wash dishes by hand:), body soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, bleach (not just for laundry but for cleaning and purifying water) diapers, wipes and other cleaning or hygiene items you use regularly.

Some people are particular about detergent so this weeks deals may not be for you. I am cheap as they come, but my kids have pretty awful excema and I have to use the "clear" kind of detergents that is free of dyes and other additives to make it smell pretty:)

Smiths: Sunburst Laundry Detergent(41-50 loads) for $1.88( liquid or powder)
Albertsons: Shoppers Value Laundry detergent for $1.79 (liquid)
Harmons: Suave naturals shampoo or conditioner for $.79 (works great for me:)

Those of you who have Costco memberships can find the name brands for good prices as well. If you aren't particular about dishwashing soap you can pick up a couple extra boxes at Walmart. It is all the same to me. It shouldn't be too much strain to take $10 a week and focus solely on getting supplies for your 3 mth storage.

Go to the store this week and spend it on soap,detergent or shampoo, or buy a couple deodarants. At least focus on the tp:) It is awesome to have a extra box of diapers so I don't have one of those moments where I have 3 diapers left and shopping day isn't for 2 more days.

We need to rely less on the stores to be down the street and accessible 24/7. If a disaster occurs we will not be able to drive around town on a whim, neither will the stores be stocked with anything. Focus on 3 mths of food and supplies if you couldn't leave your home. Throughout the day write down things that you use on a regular basis and add it to a list of things to stock up on.

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