Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deals this week

There are some good deals this week to add to your storage.

One of the best ways to get your water supply is to get it gradually. It is great to have the 55 gallon barrels of water, or other large containers. It is more convenient however to have some water bottles as well in your storage.

-Maceys has Aquarius water 24 pack for $2.50 which is great. You will see this often throughout the summer so it is prime time to get a few everytime you go to the store. Put them in your 72 hour packs, 3 mth water storage, and in your cars.

-Legumes are a good source of protein that you need in your storage

Albertsons has Taco Bell Refried beans this week for $.60 when you spend $10. There are a few other items that you can buy to reach the $10 total if you wanted more than just refried beans. You need 5 lbs of legumes per person for 1 month

-Kroger salsa is $1 at Smiths and can go towards your supply of vegetables

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