Friday, April 10, 2009

Dinner for 72 hours

You can use a lot of the breakfast ideas and lunch ideas for your dinner meals so this is a bit of a repeat. Go for lightweight, tasty, convenient and familiar food. It is not as important to have balanced meals as it is to have high calories and nutrition.
When it comes to food for your kits it is completely up to what your family prefers and what you can carry.
Here are some ideas:
-Granola bars
-cereal bars
-pop tarts
-dried fruit
-fruit cups
-oatmeal to go
-fruit leather
-Energy bars
-cup of noodles+ water+ cooking equipment+ utensils
-tuna fish
-tuna to go pack
-pb and jam sandwich
-instant soups+ water+ cooking equipment
-vienna sausages
-MRE (meals ready to eat) found at Emergency Essentials
-freeze dried meals+ water+ cooking equipment+ dishes

Keep in mind if you choose things such as freeze dried meals, you will need to include the water and any dishes and cooking equipment needed.

Here is my dinner meal plan:

Day 1:
Tuna-to-Go and Applesauce cup:

Tuna-to-go is convenient and includes a mini tuna can, mayonnaise packet, and crackers. They are about $2.00. Applesauce cups come in 6 packs for $2 as well.

Day 2:

Crackers with Peanut butter and Dried Fruit: You can buy these MRE style crackers for $.75 each at Emergency Essentials- they taste just like saltines with less salt. They are vaccum packed and least likely to break in your kit. The peanut butter packs are excellent protein source and cost $.50 each. You can find the dried fruit at Walmart for $3-$4

Day 3:

Crackers with Tuna and Cheese Spread with Pineapple- I bought a box of saltines for $1 and these tupperware at the dollar store for a pack of 2. This will keep them from getting squished and has room for my mayo packets(from a fast food restaurant:) as well. You can get cheese spread packets for $.75 at Emergency Essentials and pineapple MRE for $1.25. I bought the can of tuna for $.50 (make sure to pack the can opener)

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