Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food Storage deals this week

This week would be a great week to stock up on Peanut Butter for your year supply.

Smiths has Kroger peanut butter for $1.00 for 18 oz---you need 3-4 jars per person for a year. I think this is such a great high protein, filling food that is also good for 72 hour kits, and car kits in an emergency. I put a jar with some spoons in my car kit:)

Macey's has Refried beans for $.50 this week---even better than last weeks price. It is Western Family Brand and can be regular, fat free or vegetarian.

Macey's also has great price on Tropical Jam 32 oz bottles for $2.39. I went today and found raspberry, razzleberry, apricot, & strawberry

You can always take in your ad to Walmart and ad match most things. If it is a store brand like Western Family you can get the Walmart store brand instead. I ad match if I only have a few things, so I don't annoy the cashier or people behind me. Maceys has great deals on meat this week, so it was worth the drive to go to Maceys instead of ad matching.

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