Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Caps for $16

Any one who would like to order Life Caps for your survival kits can order them through me for half price. I will order them in bulk and will be $16 ($14.95 plus tax)
For a bottle of 30 capsules
10 packets with 3 capsules in each

You can buy these same pills at Deseret book or online at for $30.

-These unique capsules can help sustain your life in an emergency, wilderness survival or even when food is not readily available for whatever reason.
-LifeCaps works on a simple principle. When your body receives pure nutrients, it no longer feels hungry and can function as normal. If energy is needed, your body feels free to burn its naturally-stored fuel, or body fat.
-contains no harmful ingredients of any kind, such as stimulants.
-It has a shelf life of 3-5 years and should be rotated along with your other 72 hr food. It can be taken as a vitamin/mineral replacement or meal replacement at that time.

Contact Tiffanie at and we can work out payment. I can take cash, check, or even paypal for anyone that is interested:) If you live outside my nieghborhood you can buy them for this price as well. Just email me and we can work it out:)

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